BEST PRICE IN THE BENELUX! We don't say it that way. Because we do not need intermediate parts, we can offer these Sun-Shade products directly at the source. We also start with the qualitative base product of the garden room or canopy with which you can then develop with walls (glass), LED lighting, etc. This is our promise of quality to our customers. We specialize in customization at standard prices and can provide all RAL colors. In this way, the canopy or garden room always optimally matches your home.

In our Sun-Shade assortment there are 2 types of awnings and garden rooms available, namely the Elite 60 and Elite 100. Appearance they look almost identical, but where the Elite 60 is the basic model that can carry 60 kg / m², the Elite 100 can 100 kg / m² due to the fact that reinforcements have been installed underneath and in the gutter and in the conveyors. Both models have all the expansion options.

There are already Sun-Shade ELITE 60 awnings available 


A garden room or awning is not a veranda but is much more than a shelter.

A Sun-Shade awning and a garden room offers many advantages:

Optimal enjoyment of outdoor air. With an awning, summer does not only start earlier, the pleasant season also lasts longer. In lower weather conditions, you stay away from rain and especially wind. On some cooler summer evenings, it remains pleasant on your covered terrace because the heat stays longer, especially with a heating element.

No more dragged with garden furniture or barbecue, everything remains dry.

A dry transition from the inside to the outside, no more pouring rain against the façade and the doors or windows.

An awning can also be used as a carport, bicycle storage, smoking room, ...

Maximum payload up to 100 kg / M² !! (Elite 100) or 60 kg / M² (Elite 60) The maximum load is calculated on a proportional flat distribution over the entire support surface.

Our roofs are made of materials that are extremely easy to maintain. The construction consists of aluminum and is available in all colors of grout. For the roof, we use high-quality polycarbonate sheets 16 millimeters thick, available in transparent (transparent), opal (= milky white) or bronze versions.


To take full advantage of our summer evenings, our integrated LED spotlights are a real asset. You can choose from series of 6 or 12 LED spotlights at the very disproportionate price of 199 and 299 euros for complete sets.


As an option, you can place the back and side walls of tempered glass of 8 or 10 mm, insulating polycarbonate and / or plexiglass to obtain a windproof and waterproof unit and the constructions can also be equipped with a swing or sliding door by insulating welding in polycarbonate and / or plexiglass.

Tempered glass sliding walls of 599 Euro (300 * 200 cm) and can go up to 250 cm on 3 and 5 rails.

Standard 16 mm polycarbonate wall elements, width 100 cm x height 200 cm are available.

The standard 16 mm polycarbonate sliding door, width 100 cm x height 200 cm is also available.

The system is designed in such a way that expansion and customization are always possible.


You can choose from a standard polycarbonate or glass roof. The polycarbonate roof is possible with an opal, transparent or bronze (NEW) finish. The opal finish keeps the sun and heat strongest but leaves plenty of light. The clear finish ensures that you can enjoy the dry and sheltered sun. The Bronze finish with UV filter allows you to enjoy the luxury of the sun without the most violent radiation.

You can also opt for a glass roof cover so you can still enjoy the sun.

Something for everyone.


Sun-Shade awnings can be completely adapted to your wishes. They can be custom made in width, length and height. Our poles can be supplied on foot plates in order to be placed or extended on an already supplied hard surface such as concrete so that they can be treated in the ground. We can also offer you all RAL colors because we have our own powder coating facilities and LED lighting can already be provided to the places you want. We can also take into account the nooks and crannies of your home to ensure an optimal connection of your garden room or roof to your home.

By default, the posts can be spaced 300 cm apart. On your simple request, these can be placed up to 600 cm away.


You can use our own investment teams for the placement of your canopy or opt to start yourself. In this case, we are happy to provide you with a detailed installation manual.


We use the European warranty and 10-year bayer Makrolon manufacturer's warranty against cracks and breaks on polycarbonate sheets. Request more information without obligation via the quote or contact link or visit our online store


via webshop.custafer.nl Look at our promotions for our best prices for Sun-Shade ELITE and COMFORT models (= Standard Budget)

Auvent blanc
Auvent noir 2
Auvent tuyeau spécial
Auvent 4
Auvent noir 3
Auvent noir
Auvent model zadeldak met deur en dichting voozijde in plexiglas
Auvent 6
Auvent avec parois latéral 2
Auvent 1
Auvent avec parois lateral noir
Auvent blanc 1
Auvent avec 1 parois lateral
Auvent avec 1 parois lateral
Auvent avec parois lateral transaparant
Auvent 2
Auvent 3
Auvent avec parois
Auvent adapté blanc
Auvent beige
Auvent avec parois lateral transparant 3
Auvent comme terrasse
Auvent entre les murs
Auvent adapté
Auvent avec 1 parois lateral
auvent avec 1 parois lateral
Auvent adapté 1
zadeldak benedenzicht
Auvent avec 1 parois lateral
Auvent avec 1 parois lateral
Auvent avec parois lateral
Auvent avec parois lateral transparant
Auvent avec parois laterales lait
Auvent avec parois lateral transparant
Auvent avec parois lateral transparant
Auvent comme veranda avec portes prix sur demande
Auvent avec parois lateral transparant
Auvent avec parois lateral transparant
Auvent de porte
Auvent comme veranda avec portes prix sur demande
Auvent comme veranda avec portes prix sur demande